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Our J6 Political Prisoners need your help!

Over 150 American citizens are currently incarcerated for charges

related to the January 6th US Capitol protest. 

They are being held in horrific conditions.  Here are just a few:

  • Months of 22-23 hour a day solitary confinement

  • Unclean, pest and rat infest facilities

  • Tainted food and water

  • Lack of access to vital medical care

  • Restriction of religious services/bibles

  • Denied visitation with family and loved ones

  • Physical and psychological abuse

  • Systemic transportation abuse, or "Diesel Therapy"

The abuse continues in court, where J6 defendants are denied exculpatory witnesses and evidence, denied Constitutional rights to evidence discovery, attorney access, facing one's accuser, and being innocent until proven guilty.  Many of these Americans have been held in prison pretrial for 2 years or more.  AWAITING trial.  

Their families are struggling to cover the cost of legal fees, lost wages, travel expenses, and the continual cost of commissary and communications funds necessary for an inmate's survival in our prison system.

Prisoners cannot receive goods from outside the prison. Everything must be purchased through the facility's "commissary".  This includes hygiene supplies like soap and toothpaste, foodstuffs vital for survival in jails where the food is particularly poor such as DC, necessary clothing like socks and undergarments, to name a few.  

Communication is also for pay, so all messages on the facility's inmate communication system, all phone calls, all tablet use for researching data for your case, or being able to facetime family, ALL of these things must be purchased from the jail's system.

These costs are often as much as $500 EACH month.  This is a significant burden on many families, or on inmates who do not have a family support structure. 

Patriot Action PAC has formed the J6 Commissary Fund to address this critical need.  We have recruited the foremost J6 Commissary activist to distribute our donations directly to the commissary funds to J6 inmates.  Thru a comprehensive database of J6 detainees, funds are able to be distributed based on equitability and need, ensuring the maximum number of detainess are able to be helped.  We have capped our fundraising administrative costs at a low 10%, so that a full 90% of your received donation goes to needing J6 political prisoners. 

Will you help us in our mission to fully fund all J6 commissary needs? 

Please consider a monthly donation at the link below or you can choose to make a one time donation today at the following link

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