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Welcome, Patriot!

Thank you for your interest in Patriot Action PAC and the many citizen action based projects we are working on.  Our PAC, chaired by conservative activist Suzzanne Monk, is focused on ACTION and on educating and empowering American citizens in effective civic efforts.  We work directly on Congressional engagement to insert sound Constitutional policies and principles into their legislation and their platforms.  We pride ourselves on maximizing grassroots efforts to get the biggest result with minimal expenditures.  Unlike many others in the world of Super PACs, we don't waste donor dollars on lavish events or fancy promotional products.  Our fundraising is project based, we raise only what we need to accomplish the mission at hand.  This strategy makes us highly effective in producing results, which we are quite proud of.  Here are a few of our current projects.

J6 Pardon Project

The J6 Pardon Project, launched on January of 2024, seeks to aide President Trump in pardoning all J6ers on day one of his presidency.  We will be producing a book, written for one man - Donald J. Trump.  Titled "How to Pardon the J6ers: A Comprehensive Guide for President Donald J. Trump", the book lays out detailed information and strategies on the best practices in pardoning the J6ers.  It will include all the information needed and will advocate for a multi-prong strategy that will ensure no J6er slips thru the cracks.

Those charged with weaponized charges by a corrupt DOJ should receive mercy, they should receive exoneration and justice.  The J6 Pardon Project is calling for ALL J6ers to receive a presidential pardon, and we intend to describe in this book exactly how that can happen. Our website,, helps to educate the public about the pardoning process and provide updated information on our mission to ensure the pardoning of the J6ers.

Until they all come home.....


Operation Yellow Ribbon


Operation Yellow Ribbon was launched in February of 2023.  A three stage civic action project, Op. Yellow Ribbon was launched to raise awareness of the plight of the January 6th Political Prisoners in the conservative community, and in Congress. 

In Stage One, Patriot Action PAC distributed over 1,000 yellow ribbons at CPAC 2023 and gave multiple interviews about the conditions of the January 6 detainees.  In Stage Two, we delivered a copy of The American Gulag Chronicles: Letters From Prison, Tim Rivers' book of real letters from January 6th prisoners incarcerated for J6 charges, to ALL 535 members of Congress, both in the House and Senate.

Currently in Stage 3, Patriot Action PAC has been taking direct action in Congress to demand  hearings into January 6, into the Bureau of Prisons with regards to inhumane conditions, and into the Department of Justice and the FBI with regards to the biased judges, political biased charges, and violations of the Constitutional rights of the January 6th detainees.

We are calling for members of Congress to hold these hearings into the weaponized government, and to use the powers of Congress to investigate and bring improvements to the conditions of those detained.


Contact your House Representative and Senator and ask them to reach out to the J6 defendants from their state and check on the conditions they may be incarcerated in, or the Constitutional violations they experienced in court. 

The information needed to locate the J6 detainees in their state is in the copy of The American Gulag Chronicles we delivered to their office or at

You can find your Congress member's contact information at the links below.

J6 Commissary Fund

In conjunction with Operation Yellow Ribbon, Patriot Action PAC launched the J6 Commissary Fund, a fundraising project to help mitigate the costs of necessary commissary and communications costs for the J6 inmates.

With poor quality food, and limited communication resources, a family of an incarcerated J6er can incur up to $500 a month in commissary and communication costs for their loved inside a prison facility.  These funds can mean vital access to edible food and water in some of the most horrific facilities, as well as hygiene supplies and most importantly communication with family, friends and legal assistance.

Update: The J6 Commissary Fund is growing up!  We will be making an exciting announcement about the J6 Commissary Fund that will help it grow and do more for more inmates.  Stay tuned!

DC Home Rule Project

The nation's capitol has a very special relationship with Congress.  

Congress retains legislative authority over the District of Columbia, as written in the US Constitution. The DC Home Rule Act enacted by Congress in 1973 provides for a local citizen elected government to alleviate the burdens of civic operations from Congress, but ultimately Congress still retains ultimate authority to oversee and legislate for DC.

However, years of disinformation by Democrat statehood advocates have left most Congress members and District residents unaware of this special relationship between the city and Congress, and this has prevented the necessary oversight that Congress is supposed to provide, letting local government corruption run rampant in Washington, DC.

Patriot Action Chair Woman Suzzanne Monk has created an educational website to inform both our Congress members and city citizens about how to use the DC Home Rule Act to properly and effectively improve and manage the District.

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